Coffee tables today serve more than just a single function of holding your cups. A convertible coffee table can do it all, as it transforms in height and turn into a dining table. Convertible coffee tables are ideal for small homes with space constraints. Most convertible coffee tables also come with spacious storage compartments that hide any knick knacks conveniently.

With the fuss-free lift mechanism, you can access the hidden storage and it turns into a regular dining table height. Look out for coffee tables that cleverly stow away extra seating for your guests too. Bonus one of the coffee table turns into a dining table and mahjong table too!

10 Best Convertible Coffee Table Singapore

Here are the 10 best convertible coffee tables that we are truly impressed with.

Convertible coffee tablesPrice
FortyTwo Aurlon Lift-top Coffee Table$372
Star Living Mondi Crate Coffee Table$399
Cozymatic Anderson Coffee Table with Storage$656
Loft Home Mateo Sintered Stone Extendable Coffee Table$839
Cellini Fluto Convertible Coffee Table$880
FortyTwo Kuiper Coffee Table$916.90
Mr Nanyang Lifting Coffee Table$931
Woodsknot Automatic Mahjong Table$1,588
Invis Furniture T Bar Coffee Dining Table$1,999
FortyTwo Kuro Coffee Table Arcade Machine$2,350

FortyTwo Aurlon Lift-top Coffee Table, $372

Cool colour-blocking design with smart space-saving features, the Aurlon coffee table comes with 2 stools with storage, on top of the lift-top mechanism that unveils even more storage space for larger items like snacks and coffee table books. 

Choose from bright yellow or neutral blue accent colour for the coffee table to suit your living space.

Aurlon lift-top coffee table is on sale at $372 from FortyTwo.

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Star Living Mondi Crate Coffee Table, $399

Cleverly contrasted with grey gloss and wood veneer, the Mondi Crate coffee table offers spacious concealed storage beneath the table top and with a sneaky slide-out storage space on the side.

Mondi Crate coffee table is on sale at $399 from StarLiving.

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Cozymatic Anderson Coffee Table with Storage, $656

Elegantly designed with a touch of mid-century modern charm, the Anderson coffee table is made of poplar wood in a warm wood finish and a hint of luxe with golden handles and legs. You will find ample concealed storage space with the pull-out drawer and a lift-up table top to have your meals on.

What we love is the nicely rounded edges all around and with 3 coffee table sizes to choose from.

Anderson coffee table with storage is available from $656 at Cozymatic.

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Loft Home Mateo Sintered Stone Extendable Coffee Table, $839

Instead of a small lift-top surface, the Mateo coffee table is designed with legs that lifts up to the height of a dining table, and the extendable feature allows you to have a larger coffee table or dining table as you wish.

There are 2 sizes and up to 6 colours to choose from for the sintered stone table top.

Mateo sintered stone extendable coffee table retails from $839 on Loft Home.

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Cellini Fluto Convertible Coffee Table, $880

Hands up if you love a good fluted design! Fluto convertible coffee table is more than just its fluted wooden surface, along with Nazzo, the marble accented sintered stone that features elegant golden streaks across the tabletop.

There is everything to love about a rounded rectangular table, as you will be safe from knocks and bumps. Additionally, the sleek lift mechanism converts the coffee table into a dining table seamlessly.

Fluto convertible coffee table is available at $880 from Cellini.

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FortyTwo Kuiper Coffee Table, $916.90

Are you also into circular tables? Beautiful, luxe, modern aesthetic appeal aside, the durable table top is made of gloss sintered stone, with a sturdy stainless steel framed base. 

The nested coffee table set comes with a smaller coffee table that extends extra functional space and slides perfectly under when it is not in use. The smaller coffee table can also work as a side table with its built-in storage drawer, while the bigger coffee table comes with a practical lift-top mechanism and soft closing hinges.

Kuiper coffee table is on sale at $916.90 on FortyTwo.

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Mr Nanyang Lifting Coffee Table, $931

Elevate your Scandinavian home with the addition of a wooden coffee table that comes in both oak and walnut tones to complement your living room. 

A versatile and adjustable coffee table that allows you to choose from the various configurations of a front or side lift and up to 2 sizes to suit your preferences and it also comes with sufficient hidden storage that is easily accessible too.

Mr Nanyang lifting coffee table retails from $931 on Mr Nanyang.

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Woodsknot Automatic Mahjong Table, $1,588

This is the coffee table of any mahjong lover’s dream. It is a 3-in-1 furniture where the table functions as a coffee table, dining table, and mahjong table too. What’s great about this is that the mahjong table comes with an automatic function that shuffles and stacks the tiles all with a press of a button.

As this is a product from Taobao, Woodsknot is a third-party provider that will ship and install the table for you. Price also includes 2 sets of mahjong tiles, with delivery and installation. You can even view it in person at Woodsknot showroom before purchasing.

Woodsknot automatic mahjong table is available at $1,588 from Woodsknot Living.

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Invis Furniture T Bar Coffee Dining Table, $1,999

Do you have a large family that you need to host during festive occasions? The T Bar coffee dining table fully extends up to a 10-seater dining table when it is effortlessly raised with the gas lifting mechanism.

The dark marble table top will fit great into any modern contemporary home.

Invis Furniture T Bar coffee dining table retails at $1,999 on Invis Furniture.

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FortyTwo Kuro Coffee Table Arcade Machine, $2,350

Big on game nights? How about a coffee table and an arcade machine in one? Constructed with black wenge wood, a glass tabletop, and integrated ambient light, Kuro fits well in any living space and even man caves too. 

You get to enjoy over 2000 preloaded arcade games including the classic Pac-man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and many more!

Kuro coffee table arcade machine is available at $2,350 on FortyTwo.

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