Gaggenau Black Ceiling Mounted Hood

Take a look at the different types of ventilation systems and hoods available before selecting one based on your needs

As one of the key pieces of equipment in your kitchen, choosing the right kitchen exhaust system that works for your cooking habits is important. With advancements in kitchen exhaust technology, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out the ideal solution.

The variety ranges from conventional wall mounted hoods, to ceiling mounted shafts, retractable panels and downdraft hoods. While its main purpose is to circulate the air in the kitchen and filter out smoke and grease, a quality exhaust system should also blend seamlessly into the design of the space.

If you’re new to cooker hoods, click here to jump down the article to read our guide on how to choose cooker hoods. Then, click here to read about the three common types of kitchen cooker hoods in Singapore.

10 Best Cooker Hoods Singapore

Here, the 10 best kitchen hoods that you will find in Singapore.

Cooker HoodPriceType
Teka CC 485 Tubular Island Hook$2,490Ceiling Mounted
Gaggenau AC270101 Ceiling Ventilation 200$12,820Ceiling Mounted
Rinnai Plasma Island Pendant Hood$1,550Pendant Hood
Fujioh Wall Mounted Hood FR-SC2090 R/V$1,898Wall Mounted
Franke Smart Deco Hood$1,533Wall Mounted
Smeg Victoria Hood$2,380Chimney Hood
Bertazzoni KR70HER1ADA Heritage Series$2,988Chimney Hood
Tecno Tempered Glass Designer Chimney Cooker Hood KA 9688$1,298Chimney Hood
Obro HD2 Kompakt$2,699Downdraft Hood
Allure Duo HoriZones Induction & Integrated Hood$6,770Integrated Extractor
Teka Tubular Kitchen Island Cooker Hood

Teka CC 485 Tubular Island Hook, $2,490

Ceiling-mounted hoods go hand in hand with a kitchen island cooking setup. It replaces the need for an additional pendant lamp, as most hoods come with built-in illumination. Mounted in an open area, an island hood requires a higher extraction rate.

Wow your guests at the next home gathering with a bold, futuristic, and stunning tubular island hood. The tubular design looks fantastic from any angle, allowing you more flexibility with its positioning in an open kitchen.

Designed to be placed near the dining area, this hood also features a low noise level at 50 dB (akin to the sound of a normal rainfall) so it won’t interrupt your conversations.

Teka CC 485 Tubular Island Hood is available at $2,490

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Gaggenau Black Ceiling Mounted Hood
Gaggenau Black Ceiling Mounted Hood

Gaggenau AC270101 Ceiling Ventilation 200 Series, $12,820

Bold in form and sleek in design, Gaggenau’s Black ceiling-mounted hood is paired with the induction hob. When in operation, it descends quietly to get closer to the stove to effectively extract any odour and grease. The rectangular design also helps to visually extend the look of the counter by drawing the eye upwards.

Gaggenau AC270101 Ceiling Ventilation 200 Series retails at $12,820 (inclusive of GST)

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Rinnai Plasma Island Pendant Hood, $1,550
Rinnai Plasma Island Pendant Hood, $1,550

Rinnai Plasma Island Pendant Hood, $1,550

For kitchen island layouts, a pendant island hood, like the one from Rinnai, doubles up in function as a pendant lamp, while keeping the air ventilated and purified. Designed to resemble a pendant lamp, homeowners can also add extra units for a symmetrical look.

Rinnai Plasma Island Pendant Hood retails at $1,550 (excluding GST), from authorised retailers – City Energy, Azora, and Weiken.

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Fujioh Wall Mounted Hood FR-SC2090 R/V, $1,898

Installed above the kitchen hob and directly on the wall, kitchen hoods that are wall-mounted tend to be larger and take up a significant amount of space. Wall-mounted hoods are typically intended as an eye-catching focal point in the kitchen.

Angled hoods are designed to make an impactful statement with their vertically inclined shape, as opposed to the conventionally shaped chimneys lined horizontally in kitchens. Stylish and sleek looks aside, its novel angled hood design enables the hood to be positioned lower and closer to the hob at 445 mm height distance, maximising the absorption of cooking fumes.

Fujioh FR-SC2090 R/V retails at $1,898, available from Fujioh’s official online stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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Franke Smart Deco Hood
Franke Smart Deco Hood

Franke Smart Deco Hood, $1,533

If you are all for creating a vibrant and lively energy in your kitchen, then you will need a cooker hood that is beyond the standard stainless steel look.

Consider a kitchen hood that comes in a unique shape and interesting colourways that you can have lots of fun selecting from.

Designed in a special truncated cone shape, and in seven playful colours, the Franke Smart Deco Hood will add a whimsical touch to your kitchen.

Franke Smart Deco Hood retails at $1,533

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Smeg Victoria Hood, $2,380
Smeg Victoria Hood, $2,380

Smeg Victoria Hood, $2,380

We are all familiar with chimney hoods, but a traditional-looking hood is less common in contemporary homes. Do you fancy a classic Victorian-style kitchen with shaker-style cabinets, vintage faucets, and gold-plated hardware with intricate engravings?

A traditional chimney hood will exude opulence and Victorian vibes. You will also find a classic silver handlebar as one of the finishing touches in a traditional chimney-style hood.

Smeg Victoria Hood retails for $2,380

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Bertazzoni KR70HER1ADA Heritage Series hood
Bertazzoni KR70HER1ADA Heritage Series hood

Bertazzoni Chimney Hood KR70HER1ADA Heritage Series, $2,988

Fancy a chic chimney hood that never goes out of style? The sophisticated and elegantly designed chimney hood by Bertazzoni is cleverly contrasted with edgy angles that project fierce style and finesse. Choose from matte ivory and glossy black finishing to complement your modern contemporary kitchen.

Bertazzoni KR70HER1ADA Heritage Series hood is available at $2,988

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Tecno Tempered Glass Designer Chimney Cooker Hood

Tecno Tempered Glass Designer Chimney Cooker Hood KA 9688, $1,298

What better way to match your glass kitchen backsplash than to go for a glass chimney hood as well? As a highly-versatile material widely used in every part of the home, glass hoods allow light to penetrate through while creating an airy feeling in your kitchen. A simple wipe-down on the glass is all you need to keep it clear and sparkling again.

Tecno Tempered Glass Designer Chimney Cooker Hood KA 9688 retails at $1,298

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Obro HD2 Kompakt is available at $2,699
Obro HD2 Kompakt

Obro HD2 Kompakt, $2,699

You can opt for a countertop extractor, as long as there is sufficient kitchen countertop space. A countertop hood will come as a handy option when you do not have any wall spaces left. They come in the form of retractable downdraft system, or an integrated cooktop panel.

With a press of a button, you will unveil the hidden downdraft extractor. Retractable downdraft extractors are gaining traction in residential homes due to their revolutionary and state-of-the-art design. Downdraft extractors like the one from Obro are compact and space-saving, as they will only get activated when in use.

Obro HD2 Kompakt is available at $2,699

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Allure Duo HoriZones Induction & Integrated Hood (DPI7888BH)
Allure Duo HoriZones Induction & Integrated Hood (DPI7888BH)

Allure Duo HoriZones Induction & Integrated Hood, $6,770

A cooktop hood is a two-in-one appliance seamlessly integrated with the cooker hob. Cleverly positioned in the middle of the cooking zones, the integrated hood is optimised to extract and draw off any cooking vapour and fumes instantly and effectively. As the fumes are expected to be drawn from the get-go, a tabletop extractor prevents the unpleasant fumes from rising and spreading.

Allure Duo HoriZones Induction & Integrated Hood (DPI7888BH) is retailing at $6,770 from De Dietrich

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How to choose a kitchen range hood?

When deciding on the hood or exhaust system for your kitchen, consider these three key factors – the way air is drawn up (circulation), cleaned (filtration), and the speed of the hood’s suction (extraction).

1. Air & Oil Circulation

Recycling hoods, also known as ductless hoods, are the standard kitchen hoods used in apartments as they filter out oil and grease in smoke and steam, removing odours before recirculating clean air in your kitchen, while a ventilation hood or a ducted hood has additional ductwork installed to push the fumes out of the unit.

In a nutshell, you should consider:

  • Recycling Hoods: Filters out oil, odours. Air goes back to your kitchen
  • Ventilation & Ducted Hood: Fumes pushed out of house

2. Filtration System

All kitchen hoods are fitted with a filtration system. Grease filters are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel, and are present in all hoods to remove any grease particles from cooking fumes and steam.

Ductless hoods require additional carbon filters, or charcoal filters, where both filters work together to vent grease, smells, and smoke, before reintroducing clean air back to the kitchen.

As these filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly to optimise the hood’s performance, consider how easy it will be for you to remove them for regular maintenance.

3. Extraction Rate (has to fit your kitchen size)

A rule of thumb when selecting the extraction rate in exhaustion mode for your kitchen hood, will be to multiply the volume of your kitchen (in sqm) by 10.

An example would be a regular-sized kitchen of four by three metres with a standard height of 2.6m, multiplied by 10, would come up to 312 m3.

This means that your cooker hood will require an extraction rate of 312 m3/h or more to ensure effective ventilation.

When selecting your kitchen hood, remember to take into account the kitchen layout, the design of your kitchen, as well as the size of the kitchen hob. A kitchen hood should extend 10cm over the countertop from the edge of the kitchen hob.

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3 Common Types of Cooker Hoods

With the various kitchen hood models and designs that are readily available, homeowners will be able to decide where they want the kitchen hood to be installed – on the wall or ceiling, under the cabinets, or even on the countertop.

1. Built-In or Integrated Slimline Hoods

Most space-saving kitchen hood

For tight kitchen spaces, having sufficient cabinet storage is key, and that is where a built-in slim hood comes in. Slimline hoods and integrated hoods have a much smaller footprint, which can be nicely installed under the cabinets.

A minimalist would love the idea of having a fully integrated kitchen hood, where the kitchen hood is completely concealed in your upper cabinets and achieves a clean kitchen look. It looks just like your top cabinet, but an integrated inserted kitchen hood often comes with a retractable panel for the button controls, or have the controls seamlessly integrated with the hood panel.

2. Downdraft Hoods (May be retractable)

Appropriately fitted on the underside of your top cabinets, a slimline or semi-integrated hood provides the full functions of a kitchen hood while adding a subtle presence in black glass or stainless steel designs. Accessing the control buttons is fuss-free, as they are located right on the front panel. You can also go for a telescopic hood option that extend the extraction surface, simply by sliding the drawer out.

Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana
Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana

3. Ceiling & Wall Mounted Kitchen Cooker Hoods

Expect an explosion of striking patterns that are Sicilican-inspired in the collab ‘Divina Cucina’ collection by the Italian appliances and luxury fashion brands of Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana, which debuted at Milan Design Week 2018.

Translated to mean divine cuisine in English, the collection in Divina Cucina features a series of kitchen appliances, including a Victorian-style range cooker, chimney hood, and fridge, all of which come in two unique design variants. The bold red and orange traditional motif pattern is inspired by the representation of puppet theatres and handpainted carts in Sicily, with the use of folklore symbols and decorative plant and floral motifs.

On the blue and white design variant, you will find the majolica print typically seen in traditional ceramic decorations, featuring a painted ancient temple in the middle of the hood. Both of the iconic designs are works of art presented on selected kitchen appliances.

The ‘Made in Italy’ project first started in 2016 with the ‘Sicily is my love’ collection also centered around the Sicilian-styled patterns and designs.

The Divina Cucina collection is intended to be in a complete set, but you can still make a statement just by opting for the va-va-voom hood.

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