When deciding on the dining chairs for our new home, the last thing I wanted was any regular and boring chair that you see in any home, not another Eames inspired dining chair, please. My partner highlighted the need for our dining chairs to come with cushioned seats and armrests so that they are comfortable to sit in. You may also want to think about the cleaning and maintenance of the dining chairs, where food and drinks spills are likely to occur.

As we loved the look and idea of having mismatched dining chairs that we can easily switch out when there is a need to freshen up our home, we had lots of fun shopping and we also took our time to put together our dining space. Having comfortable seating options enabled us to enjoy long hours of chatting and sitting at the dining table for food and heartfelt conversations.

10 Best Dining Chairs Singapore

With these considerations in mind, we sourced and consolidated a list of the 10 best dining chairs you can have for your home.

Dining chairsPrice
HipVan Lydia Dining Armchair$139
FortyTwo Norlan Fabric Dining Armchair$145
Cellini Hatch Dining Chair$220
Urban Mood Yukon Postmodern Solid Wood Dining Chair$220
FortyTwo Vanir Chair$226
Nook and Cranny Tishana Chair$232
Comfort Furniture Zenith Side Chair$235
Castlery Simone Performance Bouclé ChairSimone Performance Bouclé Chair$239
Cellini Wing Dining Chair$295
Loft Home Celeste Velvet Dining Chair$299

HipVan Lydia Dining Armchair, $139

Fully cushioned and upholstered in a choice of velvet or fabric, Lydia dining chair is designed with a single-piece backrest that extends out to a pair of comfy armrests too. Its simple silhouette is added with a touch of sophistication where you will find the fabric piping running across at an angle. 

Choose from 4 colours of royal blue, pine green, wheat beige, and pale grey that you can interestingly pair with your dining table.  

Lydia dining armchair is available at $139 on HipVan.

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FortyTwo Norlan Fabric Dining Armchair, $145

Constructed in a solid black powder-coated metal frame and reinforced with a unique Y-shape backing, the main highlight of the Norlan dining chair design is its lightweight build that allows the dining area to feel more spacious. 

On top of its steel structure, you will find contrasting wooden armrests, with fabric upholstered backrest and seat for the comfort you need.

Norlan fabric dining armchair retails at $145 on FortyTwo.

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Cellini Hatch Dining Chair, $220

Love a good patterned upholstery chair? The Hatch dining chair features a modern weave-patterned fabric design that is made of lines and interesting geometric shapes, a one-of-a-kind print that you can wow your guests with.

Aside from its cool looks, the spacious, squarish, and cushioned fabric upholstery will make you feel extra cozy while you enjoy the comfort of a nice coffee chat with your family and friends.

Hatch dining chair is on sale at $220 on Cellini.

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Urban Mood Yukon Postmodern Solid Wood Dining Chair, $220

For easier maintenance, you may want to consider keeping the dining chair’s upholstery to a minimum. In the Yukon dining chair, you will find the seat cushion for the comfort you need, with a bare backrest design and arched wooden sculptural frame that enhances the style factor.

Yukon postmodern solid wood dining chair is available at $220 on UrbanMood.

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FortyTwo Vanir Chair, $226

Everything we love about gentle round curves and warm neutral shade design trends can be found in the Vanir chair. 

Minimally designed with the maximum sculptural design appeal and comfort in mind, the chair is built with a thin metal frame that gives the illusion of a floating seat. The luxuriously sized curved padded leather backrest and seat lend a touch of chic.

Vanir chair is on sale at $226 on FortyTwo.

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Nook and Cranny Tishana Chair, $232

Beautifully designed with natural rattan, Tishana chair is chic and charming in its unique way. The chair frame is in a modern shape, just like the iconic Eames molded chair, but Tishana chair comes with rattan weavings instead. 

You may want to go for additional cushioned seat pads to save your bums from any irritation due to the uneven surface of the rattan material.

Tishana chair retails at $232 on Nook and Cranny.

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Comfort Furniture Zenith Side Chair, $235

Built with natural German beech wood and an upholstered fabric seat, the key feature of the Zenith chair is its natural paper rope woven backrest that adds to the overall charm and allure. A must-have for any bohemian chic home.

Zenith side chair is available at $235 on Comfort Furniture.

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Castlery Simone Performance Bouclé Chair, $239

Styling a rectangular dining table that comes with straight lines and hard angles is easy when it is cleverly contrasted with stunning sculptural curved dining chairs like the Simon chair. 

Upholstered in spill-resistant performance boucle fabric, you get to have fancy dining set up without ever having to fret over stains from food or drinks. Note that you will need to purchase the chairs in a pair at $498 instead.

Simone performance boucle chair is available at $239 on Castlery.

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Cellini Wing Dining Chair, $295

Fancy owning a statement piece like a wingback chair in your home? The Wing dining chair from Cellini is designed with wingback characteristics that give off a modern yet classic flair. Cushioned seat and backrest are upholstered in woven fabric, adding to both the form and function of the chair. 

Choose from 7 fabric options to match your home. The Wing chair is comfortable and stylish and you can even use this interchangeably as a work chair, where it is beyond just a regular dining chair.

Wing dining chair is on sale at $295 on Cellini.

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Loft Home Celeste Velvet Dining Chair, $299

If you cannot get enough of curved furniture, the Celeste dining chair is an absolute stunner with its rounded thin structure that envelops and provides you with the cozy feeling of a nice warm hug. 

What’s great is the 18 colour selection that you can have fun choosing from. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance portion, as the chair comes with removable fabric too!

Celeste velvet dining chair retails at $299 on Loft Home.

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