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*Editor’s Note: My Digital Lock, a major player in the local digital lock business, has reportedly closed – according to news reports dated 1 Dec 2023. My Digital Lock Yishun was allegedly operating their showroom illegally and made to close.

I just moved into my newly renovated 4-room resale HDB unit with my partner and our newborn baby. The first few months were particularly challenging for us, as we eased into the home using the default HDB door lock that unlocks with keys.

We were terrible with our keys and security and we even had instances where our keys were at the door, overnight. 

15 Best Digital Smart Door Lock in Singapore

Goodbye to getting locked out of your house when you misplace your keys. Beyond the convenience of going keyless, a smart door lock ensures that your home is always secure with the auto-lock function and security alarm. Here are our top picks of the best digital door locks from deadbolt, rim, and mortise lock mechanisms.

Smart Digital Door LockPriceBest for
Gateman Fingus (Discontinued)$348Budget-friendly
Aqara U100 Smart Lock$499Apple users
Igloohome Mortise 2$574Airbnb hosts
Lenovo A1 (Youth Edition) Wi-fi Smart Door Lock$599Hygiene and easy maintenance
Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock (International Zigbee Edition)$429Smart home integration
Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Door Lock$585Award winning door lock design
Luxus Vantage Pro WiFi Digital Door Lock$710Wooden, glass, and sliding doors
Lenovo Smart Lock X3$749Office executives
Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock$790High usage frequency
Epic 7G Designer Smart Door Lock$799Appealing colour choice
SingGate FR058 3D Face & Finger Vein Recognition$934Worn-off fingerprints
Yale YDM7220 BioSecure Digital Door Lock$999Families with young and old
Philips EasyKey 702 Smart Video Door Lock$1,249Frequent travellers
Philips EasyKey 702 Facial Recognition Smart Lock$1,399Parents with children
Kaadas K30 3D Face Recognition$1,489Premium unlocking experience
The prices of the digital door locks shown in this article include installation. It is best for you to visit the showroom to test and see these digital door locks in person, before making your purchase.
gateman fingus

Gateman Fingus Fingerprint Digital Door Lock, $348 (Discontinued)

An entry level digital rim door lock that comes with a concealed lid for the fingerprint scan, Gateman Fingus is one of the best value for money digital door lock add-on, should you also decide to retain your original HDB door handle with lock.

Gateman is a brand from Assa Abloy, a brand from Korea, where it comes with a Master Mode/Pin that prevents unauthorised changes to lock settings. The Gateman Fingus digital door lock is able to store up to 20 fingerprint access, create one-time use pin number for visitors, switch from automatic or manual lock mode, and comes with a double lock that enables you to lock from inside.

  • Key feature: Concealed fingerprint scan
  • Best for: Budget-friendly

Gateman Fingus is priced at $348, includes installation and 1 year warranty from Interlock.

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aqara u100 deadbolt door lock with Apple Key features

Aqara U100 Smart Lock, $499

It does not take a lot for you to get started with digital locks, especially with the Aqara U100, a smart lock using a deadbolt-lock mechanism. Having an in-built Apple security chip in place, you are able to unlock your door conveniently with the Home Key stored in your Apple Wallet, by tapping with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

  • Key feature: Compatible with Apple Home Keys and Apple Wallet
  • Best for: Apple users

Aqara U100 Smart Lock is available for $499, includes installation from Home Smart.

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Igloohome Mortise 2, $574

Hailed as the best mortise lock by The Wall Street Journal, Igloohome Mortise 2 is a smart door lock with an integrated handle that has the modern lifestyle in mind, where you will be able to unlock your home remotely for guests

Comes with the usual ways of unlocking – PIN codes, RFID tags, bluetooth, and mechanical keys, excluding fingerprint scan. The Mortise 2 door lock also works without an Internet connection, making it safe and reliable against WiFi hacking. One distinctive feature for the Igloohome Mortise 2 is the synchronisation with Airbnb’s listing calendar on your Igloohome account for guests’ PIN codes to be created automatically.

  • Key feature: Syncs with Airbnb calendar
  • Best for: Airbnb hosts

Igloohome Mortise 2 is retailing at $549 and comes with a 2 year warranty and free installation at Lazada.

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Lenovo A1 (Youth Edition) WiFi Smart Door Lock, $599

Advertised as an ultra slim digital door lock, the Lenovo A1 WiFi door lock comes with a concealed door handle design, and anti-bacterial coating formulated with silver ion to prevent bacterial growth.

Aside from the refreshing elegant copper shade, the highlight of the Lenovo A1 WiFi door lock is the 3800mAh rechargeable lithium battery feature that removes the need to replace batteries, and the mechanical latch knob that is useful to escape during emergencies.

  • Key feature: Concealed slim door handle, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Best for: Hygiene and easy maintenance

Lenovo A1 Smart Door Lock retails at $599, includes installation by Samsung and 1 year warranty on Shopee.

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Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock (International Zigbee Edition), $429

Comes with an integrated doorbell function that can trigger an alert on your other Aqara smart devices and made of high-quality anodised aluminium, the Aqara N100 smart door lock is extra durable and a highly smart door lock. Other notable features that make the Aqara N100 a highly secure smart door lock include the extra-long battery life of up to 1.5 years, 98.6% fingerprint recognition rate, and added level of security with the night latch knob which will control a separate bolt that will keep you well-protected from the inside.  

Aqara is one of the top brands of smart home products, the Aqara N100 can be integrated into your smart home with its Zigbee 3.0, Bluetooth, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit support, where the door lock can even trigger automations of your other smart devices.

  • Key features: 9 unlock methods, night latch knob, integrated doorbell
  • Best for: Smart home integration

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock is selling at $628 with installation and $429 without installation from Lazada.

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Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Door Lock, $585

An advanced and stylish digital door lock with orange backlit LED touchpad, the Samsung SHP-DH537 is a winner of the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. 

Unlocks with RFID card, passcode, mechanical key or the optional mobile app, this Samsung digital door lock also comes with vacation mode that you can enable upon leaving the house which will trigger a security alarm upon intrusion, as well as a silent mode feature that allows you to adjust the volume or mute the key tone and door opening audio. Take note that the Samsung SHP-D537 digital door lock does not come with fingerprint unlocking.

  • Key features: Orange backlit LED touchpad
  • Best for: Award winning door lock design

Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Door Lock is priced at $585 $650 and comes with free installation and 2 years warranty at Lazada.

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luxus vantage pro door lock with rim-lock mechanism and facial recognition

Luxus Vantage Pro WiFi Digital Door Lock, $710

As one of the smartest and smallest door locks, Luxus Vantage Pro runs on a rechargeable battery and is powered by 3D facial recognition technology, along with a comprehensive security system with an added alarm feature. Since it uses a rim-lock mechanism, you can install the lock on the different doors including wooden, glass, and sliding doors.

  • Key features: Rim lock mechanism
  • Best for: Wooden, glass, and sliding doors

Luxus Vantage Pro WiFi Digital Door Lock is available at $710, with 12-month warranty from Luxus Digital Lock.

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Lenovo Smart Lock X3, $749

A fully automatic smart door lock that features a 4.5 inch HD screen and round the clock infrared monitoring on a 2 megapixels camera, the Lenovo Smart Lock X3 is a great door lock of choice for office executives. 

Loaded with all the usual door lock features and more, the Lenovo smart lock comes with doorbell video call function that has a built-in microphone, camera capture and video recording ready for use. Similarly to the Lenovo A1 door lock, the X3 is also powered with a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that has low power consumption.

  • Key features: 24-hour infrared monitoring and real-time capture
  • Best for: Office executives

Lenovo Smart Lock X3 is retailing at $749, comes in Matte Black and Coffee Brown colour options, and 24 months warranty on Shopee.

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luxus atlas door lock with a unique fixed one-piece lever design

Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock, $790

This sleek and sturdy Luxus Atlas digital lock is designed with a fixed one-piece lever handle that optimises durability since there are no movable parts that will be subjected to wear and tear. Forget about alkaline batteries as Luxus Atlas is powered by a rechargeable and anti-leak lithium battery that offers up to 18 months of battery life with a single charge.

  • Key features: Fixed one-piece lever handle design
  • Best for: High usage frequency

Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock is available at $790, with installation and a 12-month warranty from Luxus Digital Lock.

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Epic 7G Designer Smart Door Lock, $799

Recommended by Hong Kong actor, Benz Hui, the Epic 7G designer smart door lock comes in a variety of seasonal colours designed in Japan, and made in Korea.

Decked in calf leather design for colours – summer orange and autumn brown, the Epic 7G door lock also features a 24K gold plated ring used around the 3D fingerprint scanner, adding to the luxurious look. You will be able to unlock remotely using WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular data, and you will receive push notifications via the mobile app with activity logs provided upon unlocking.

  • Key features: 3D fingerprint scanner
  • Best for: Appealing colour choice

Epic 7G Designer Smart Door Lock is retailing for $799 at Lazada.

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singgate smart door lock with facial recognition and an in-built door viewer

SingGate FR058 3D Face & Finger Vein Recognition, $934

Unlike regular door locks with fingerprint authentication, the SingGate FR058 recognises your finger veins instead. With finger vein recognition, worn-off fingerprints will no longer be an issue. As your fingers grab onto the door handle, the finger veins are captured intuitively with the module located on the back.

This visually intelligent door lock serves dual purposes of providing 3D facial recognition while also functioning as a door viewer, giving you the option of video calling with the person at the door.

  • Key features: Finger vein recognition
  • Best for: Worn-off fingerprints

SingGate FR058 3D Face & Finger Vein Recognition is available for $934, with 2 years warranty from Fullsmart.

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Yale YDM7220 BioSecure Digital Door Lock, $999

With the lever handle coated with BioSecure, a safe and long-lasting anti-bacterial solution proven to reduce harmful bacteria by more than 80% in 15 minutes, the Yale YDM7220 digital door lock is an excellent digital door lock solution that keeps you and your family safe and healthy.

Yale YDM7220 works just as a digital door lock that unlocks with a card key, fingerprint, PIN code, and remote access via a mobile app. As one of the lock manufacturers that has been around for the longest time, Yale has earned its reputation as a reliable and the world’s favourite lock brand today.

  • Key features: BioSecure anti-bacterial solution on lever handle
  • Best for: Families with young and old

Yale YDM7220 BioSecure is available from $999 with a 2-year warranty from Shopee.

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Philips EasyKey 702 Smart Video Door Lock, $1,249

Powered by lithium battery and integrated with a video camera with a wide-angle camera for a panoramic view in 1080 HD, Philips smart video door lock is loaded with video surveillance and remote intercom capabilities. 

The 2-way intercom between the door lock and mobile app sends you push notifications when the bell rings, allowing you to speak to the person remotely. Furthermore, the added AI humanoid detection algorithm will recognise and notify you of any abnormal movements, while capturing a photo or video when someone is within 3 metres around the front door instantly.

  • Key features: Video surveillance and remote intercom function
  • Best for: Frequent travellers

Philips EasyKey 702 Smart Video Door Lock is available at $1,249 with a 3-year warranty from Philips EasyKey.

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Philips EasyKey 702 Facial Recognition Smart Lock, $1,399

A touchless door unlocking experience made possible with Philips Facial Recognition Smart Lock, it comes with a dual camera simulating human eye image, making it accessible for parents with their hands full to enter their homes. Highly energy-efficient with the ultrasonic sensor mode, the 3D facial recognition will only start to work upon human detection. 

If you prefer to unlock with the usual fingerprint scanner, you can do so via the hidden fingerprint sensor design located on the inside of the handle. The Philips facial recognition smart lock also comes with a dual verification mode to enhance security, where you can choose any 2 verification methods from facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN code, adding another safety measure for your home.

  • Key features: 3D facial recognition
  • Best for: Parents with children

Philips Facial Recognition Smart Lock is available at $1,399 with a 3-years warranty on Philips EasyKey.

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kaadas digital door lock with copper golden accents and 3D facial recognition scanner

Kaadas K30 3D Face Recognition, $1,489

Following the special edition partnership with the launch of Kaadas x Lamborghini The Legend, the latest iteration of Kaadas K30 Face Recognition was introduced with enhancements made to its performance and minor tweaks to the aesthetic.

With the use of 3D facial recognition technology that stores up to 20 faces and up to 5 different access methods, it is the perfect door lock for families or even for those who enjoy the finer things in life for a premium unlocking experience.

  • Key features: Facial recognition
  • Best for: Premium unlocking experience

Kaadas K30 3D Face Recognition is retailing for $1,489 from Kaadas.

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HDB mechanical door lock

As with most HDB units, the HDB main door provides a default one-piece mortise lock that includes both the handle and lock. We settled for a basic add-on lock option that unlocks our door with our fingerprints and the regular PIN code, while retaining our existing HDB mortise door handle with lock.

Keyless door lock

Our topmost consideration for a digital door lock was simply to go key-less, since we didn’t need any other special smart functions.

While our current smart door lock works for us now, we think that it is good for us to be informed about the different digital door lock choices that we have, should we decide to upgrade it in the future when our family needs change, or replace our current smart door lock when it reaches the end of its anticipated lifespan of 5 years. 

Child-friendly digital door lock

For our next digital door lock, we hope to consider functions like child safety lock and some form of video viewer feature, as we are still lacking a smart door viewer, since both of us work from the office. Additionally, I would also want to go for a well-designed door lock with a durable built quality.

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