Many people have been experimenting with a wide variety of hobbies during the Circuit Breaker period. These range from baking, to knitting as well as gardening. With the growing popularity of high-rise gardening and farming your own edible produce, there are a lot of gardening kits available on the market to help you become an urban gardener. 

Plantonic can be used on all plants.
Generously spray Plantonic over all the leaves of your plants once or twice a week, and watch them grow faster and healthier.

However, if you (like me) are not endowed with a green thumb, it can be rather discouraging to see your plants wither and die despite all the tender loving care you’ve heaped on them. Or perhaps you’re just not making any headway with getting your flowers to bloom or your plants to bear fruit. 

Developed for urban gardeners and time-strapped homeowners looking for a fuss-free way to tend to their domestic gardens, Plantonic is an eco-friendly and non-toxic plant tonic formulated from essential oils and herb extracts. 

Plantonic bottle with innovative nozzle
This organic tonic comes in a sleek black bottle with an easy-to-use nozzle that dispenses micro-droplets of tonic with a single spray.

Plantonic’s formula is inspired by Ayurvedic and traditional medicines, and comprises an impressive list of plant-based ingredients. These include shilajit, seaweed, ginseng root, fruit peels, seed extracts and tea leaves. The combination helps to boost plants’ immune system, while improving soil quality and prevent infections. 

More importantly, this botanical tonic is non-toxic, doesn’t have any pungent odours and doesn’t harm your skin. It’s also safe to use even with children or pets in the home. Plantonic is available in a convenient bottle packaging with a well-designed spray nozzle that disperses the tonic in micro-droplets over your plants. So if you’ve been racking your brains trying to find out what you’re doing wrong with your gardening, give this plant tonic a try!

Plantonic is available in 500ml bottles and priced from $15.90. Purchase it online from digital shopping sites, such as Lazada, Shoppee and Qoo10. Visit for more information.