CAPRICORNI 2-Seater Sofa by Marano Furniture

Everybody has their very own astrology signs, which is fundamentally based on your date of birth. There are distinct attributes behind each star sign, and if you are into all of this cosmic horoscope stuff like I am, you will want to read on to find out more how this translates into home furniture.

Marano Furniture Constellation Collection

The local luxury furniture brand, Marano Furniture established in 2019, recently launched their latest Constellation Collection with 13 handcrafted furniture pieces inspired by astrological signs. It is all about thematic furniture collection at Marano Furniture, and this time, the different designers and artisans had to come up with pieces that were inspired by their personal astrological signs.

“A shift from our usual thematic designs, this collection takes on a more introspective approach, using a mix of striking colours and irregular shapes to create art pieces that capture the celestial imagination. Each statement piece is carefully handcrafted to seamlessly align with each individual’s personality type and home preferences – an unconventional take to Marano’s bespoke philosophy,” said Christopher Lim, Founder and Managing Director of Marano Furniture.

In the Constellation Collection, all of the 13 pieces are handcrafted and built with durable and quality materials including E0 grade sustainable materials, nappa leather, walnut veneer, and art glass.

12 Astrology Furniture by Marano Furniture

ARIETIS Armchair by Marano Furniture

Arietis Armchair by Marano Furniture

Starting off with the first horoscope sign, the fiery Aries which is known for its bold attitude, the Arietis armchair features a burgundy wine coloured velvet silk material with lavish tufted design all around.

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SAGITTARII Coffee Table by Marano Furniture

Sagittarii Coffee Table by Marano Furniture

The geometrical notable arrow-shaped design behind the Sagittarii coffee table is inspired by the Sagittarius spirit of curiosity, optimism and sense of adventure.

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LEONIS 2-Seater Sofa by Marano Furniture

Leonis 2-seater Sofa by Marano Furniture

Confidence and charisma fills the Leo horoscope. Leo is otherwise known as The Lion in Latin, which the Leonis sofa showcases through its velvet exterior that resembles the lush mane.

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LIBRAE Bed by Marano Furniture

Librae Bed and Bedside Table by Marano Furniture

With Libras as an air sign, it is all about fairness and balance, topped up with an added obsession to symmetry, just like the harmonious and soothing design of the Librae bed and bedside table that requires precision in creating the perfect symmetry.

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AQUARII Sideboard by Marano Furniture

Aquarii Sideboard by Marano Furniture

The quirky and highly creative Aquarius sign is represented in a fun and innovative way where the Aquarii sideboard is designed with interesting and irregular colour-blocking shapes.

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GEMINORUM Dining Chair by Marano Furniture

Geminorium Dining Chair by Marano Furniture

Does the fan-shaped backrest of the Geminorium dining chair remind you of wings? Gemini has an association with Hermes in Greek mythology, therefore the fan is shaped to resemble Hermes’ as the wings messenger, which also nicely symbolises the duality of the Twins at the same time.

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SCORPII Coffee Table by Marano Furniture

Scorpii Coffee Table by Marano Furniture

Secretive with an air of mystery, the intense water Scorpio sign is beautifully reflected in the Scorpii coffee table with a solid black lacquered base that is designed to hold the glass table top with a fluid ripple-like effect.

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CANCRI Sideboard by Marano Furniture

Cancri Sideboard by Marano Furniture

The golden arc accent outline on the Cancri sideboard covered in black smoked oak veneer is a modern and chic design consideration to bring out the emotional depth and sensitivity of the Cancer sign.

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PISCIUM Side Table by Marano Furniture

Piscium Side Table by Marano Furniture

Two visionary fishes make up the horoscope Pisces, where they adapt effortlessly as the support of the Piscium side table, while the marble-like table top acts as the surface of the water to bring out the imaginative and psychic nature of the sign.

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VIRGINIS Dining Table by Marano Furniture

Virginis Dining Table by Marano Furniture

Perfect with a swan-like elegance, the essence of the Virgo sign is gracefully encapsulated in the Virginis dining table which features a whimsical skirt swaying as the base, made out of light veneer parquet.

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TAURI Armchair by Marano Furniture

Tauri Armchair by Marano Furniture

Represented as the bull with a tenacious yet stubborn personality, the trustworthy Taurus horoscope sign is translated into the Tauri armchair with rounded shape and a contrasting armrest design that reminds you of the bull horns.

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CAPRICORNI 2-Seater Sofa by Marano Furniture

Capricorni 2-seater Sofa by Marano Furniture

There is something so charming about the Capricorn horoscope, with its ambitious and over-achieving characteristics of the sea-goat symbol which inspired the arched-shape Capricorni sofa.

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Marano Furniture Showroom

If you would like to take a look and experience with the furniture pieces personally, you can head over to the Marano Furniture showroom. It is located just opposite Aljunied MRT station at 82 Lorong 23 Geylang, Atrix Building #01-06. The showroom is available for walk-ins from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday reserved for exclusive appointments where you can book a private viewing slot on the Marano Furniture website.

Marano Furniture Founder

Founded by a Singaporean entrepreneur based in Shanghai, Christopher Lim has not just the diverse wealth of over 15 years of industry experience including design and education, but he also has a deep interest for all things creative. 

Prior to the start of Marano Furniture in 2013, Christopher was already working with designers on furniture production and retail fit-out projects for some of Asia’s luxury brands. With Marano as his own furniture brand, Christopher is able to come up with quality furniture with one-of-a-kind designs.

In addition, Marano Furniture is also a platform for new and talented designers to showcase their pieces, where Christopher is also using it to nurture up and coming furniture designers from across Asia.

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All images courtesy of Marano Furniture