Lighting experts, Joseph Ho and Kai Ong, co-founder and gallery manager respectively of homegrown lighting retail store Sol Luminaire share some of the lesser known tips that professionals use to create stunning lighting effects in a home.

How does careful lighting planning affect the look in your home?

J: A good lighting plan makes all the difference for the overall space and ambience at home. Investing in lighting is like investing in interior design — quality lights provide better casting, highlighting ideal featured areas.

K: For homeowners who have specific spaces to highlight — say, a family portrait — a good-performance lighting is required or the area will end up looking dull and cold.

A common misunderstanding that homeowners have is that light only functions as source of brightness. However, there is value in choosing the right lighting combination. This is done through a staged Colour Temperature Comparison (CTC) experience in our gallery.

What makes a “good” lighting option? 

J: Apart from aesthetics, look for lightings that complement and enhance your homes. It should not outshine the interior design or decor. The interior will be further complemented through the right selection of colour temperature. I recommend going for 3000K warm white as it enhances the homely vibe and provides functional illumination for tasking purposes. Design wise, you may opt for fixtures that are playful or adorned with a design feature, but nothing too bulky.

K: As a new homeowner myself, I look for vibrancy, colour output, design, versatility, and size. You can choose a typical standard downcast for certain areas like the bathrooms. However, be innovative with areas such as living areas where you can incorporate versatile lights, and even directional lights.

What does lighting design mean, and how do you choose the most suitable for your home? 

J: There are conventional lighting trends that follow a typical plan, particularly task lightings. Our role is to inspire homeowners with new ideas, like the play on shadows, which can help create cosy atmospheres — a technical know-how that has not been shared enough.

It’s important to know what kind of themes our customers are going for, and the type of lifestyles they lead. Only then can we advise and customise lighting plans accordingly. Nowadays, younger homeowners like to get creative with placements; there are no hard and fast rules.

K: Lighting design should be cohesive with the interior theme. We have homeowners who either come into our gallery alone or with their interior designers with their layout plans. These customers are looking for longevity and knowledge before committing to purchase.

What is the risk of buying lights from online retailers?

J: Safety requirements and authentic certifications are some key aspects homeowners must consider. It is better for products to have safety indicators or risks will be involved. Also, not being able to feel and touch the finishing, material, and see the colours could lead to disappointments.

K: Being able to experience the light performance is important. Not to mention, warranty coverage. Online retailers may not have a team of specialists available to provide assurance and guidance.

Which lights require false ceiling and is it really necessary?

J: Again, there are no hard and fast rules. It really depends on the individual’s personal preference, and thought behind it.

K. Some opt for false ceilings to cover up suspended wires and pipelines, while some want it as a standout feature.

What are the average costs one can expect to pay for lights?

J:  It can range from $70 to over $80 per fixture, based on the customer’s requirements.

K. We do have basic tiers as well, which can range from $25 to $30 per fixture. It boils down to their needs and preferences.

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