With the sweltering heat that Singapore faces on a regular basis, don’t we just wish we could lug our air conditioners around with us? 

Photo: Sony

Well, your dreams of a personal mini air conditioner just came true with Sony’s Reon Pocket (we can always count on the Japanese for nifty innovations like these). After unveiling it for crowdfunding last year, it is now available for sale.

Not only is the palm-sized 85g gadget portable, Sony has also launched an undershirt that nestles the device in a back pocket below the neck, using the Peltier effect (a thermoelectric effect that transfers heat) to cool the body.

According to Sony, it can help lower the body surface temperature of its user by up to 13 degrees Celsius. For those travelling to cool climates, it does double duty as a heater too, and promises to increase body temperature by up to 8 degrees Celsius. You can also connect it through Bluetooth to an app that is compatible with iOS or Android.

You’ll need to charge the battery for two hours before use, and only lasts between two to four hours – not ideal for an entire day out and about but great for when you’re heading out for lunch, running errands or taking a walk in the park without melting into a puddle.
Sadly, it’s only available for sale in Japan at the moment, and retails at a recommended price of ¥13,000 (approx. S$169). The matching undershirt is sold separately in small, medium and large for ¥1,800 (approx. S$23.40). But on the flip side, you can have it shipped over to Singapore via third party freight forwarders.

Check it out on the Sony Japan website, or Amazon Japan (where it’s priced at¥17,820 (approx. S$231.88).