Paper Carpenter

If you’re a large family working and learning from home during the circuit breaker period, desk space would have suddenly become a very precious commodity overnight.

It’s technically possible to crowd around a paper-strewn dining table with the kids doing home-based learning on one side, and parents working from their laptops on the other, but let’s be honest with ourselves: it’s not the most productive of setups. For minimal distraction, everyone should ideally have their own desk.

But space is scarce, especially for those of us with newer flats, and it may not be financially or spatially feasible to buy separate desks for a (hopefully) temporary setup.

The good news is, you can now get a sturdy temporary desk that costs only $25, and fits into the tightest of corners. Paper Carpenter, a team of architects and designers with a passion for cardboard constructs, has come up with their Work from Home series, which features a range of mobile-office-friendly furniture at pocket-friendly prices.

Our favourite is the Poppi desk, which has a surface area wide enough to place a large iMac, and even a small shelf below to store documents and books. If you pair it with the Hexa stool ($20), or one of their desk organisers, like the Waterfall document holder ($12) or tool box ($4), you’ve got yourself a fully functional setup ready to go.

The desk itself measures 70.5L x 40.8W x 85.7Hcm, so it can fit comfortably in most corners, and is light enough that you can pick it up and move it out of the way after working hours. It’s got a laminated top, too — so you won’t have to worry about spilling water on it.

Being constructed from cardboard reduces the carbon footprint of their furniture, says the Paper Carpenter team. It’s sturdy, but also easily recyclable — so once the work-from-home situation is over, these cardboard desks can be recycled and remade into new furniture.

To find out more about the Paper Carpenter range, visit them here.