kohler numi 2.0 toilet

The Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet adds ambient lighting to your bathroom. (Image Source: Kohler)

In a time where we're inundated by smart devices of all sorts, maybe the only thing missing is smart plumbing. At CES 2019, Kohler unveiled an intelligent toilet with a bunch of features that you never even knew you needed in your porcelain throne.

The Numi 2.0 is all about offering personalized experiences, and it features ambient lighting, built-in surround sound speakers, and Amazon Alexa voice controls. So yes, you can actually talk to this toilet.

I have to admit that the lighting around the base and back looks pretty cool, and you can choose between solid colors or dynamic lighting that moves through the color spectrum. In addition, you can tell Alexa to play music or customize the lighting, all while Kohler's PureWarmth toilet seat warms up your derriere to your preferred temperature.

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kohler numi 2.0 toilet

That's not all you can do though, and you can even ask Alexa for information on the weather, traffic, or news updates.

According to Kohler, the Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet will also automatically open its lid as you walk up to it. When you walk away, it'll flush and close without you needing to do anything.

The toilet supports multiple user profiles as well, so each member of the family can have their own customized preset.

The final touch in this feature bonanza is a bunch of cleansing features that allow you to adjust the water temperature, pressure, and spray. Oh, and there's even automatic deodorization in case you need it.

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The Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet joins Kohler's other smart bathroom fixtures as part of its Kohler Konnect ecosystem. This includes a smart shower, smart mirror, and even a smart bathtub, so the toilet is really the last missing piece of the puzzle.

kohler veil mirror

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That said, the price is quite another matter altogether. The Numi 2.0 in White will cost a whopping US$7,000, while the Black version will cost US$8,000. It is expected to be available to order in Q4 2019.

Written by Koh Wanzi for Hardwarezone.