The perfect slow Sunday afternoon is one where you drift off into a delightful snooze with the help of cloud-like support from a soft, mochi-like lounger.

Yogibo Singapore Opening

Now you can look forward to experiencing such an ultimate relaxation with the Yogibo beads sofa, also known as “the magic sofa that’s too comfortable to move”, at its first ever showroom located at the Suntec City shopping mall launched on 5 August 2023.

The concept of the beads sofa was created and founded by Eyal Levy, in his attempt to help his pregnant wife to have a better sleep at night as she was unable to lie on her belly with her bump. With the beads sofa prototype, his wife was able to have a comfortable sleep, alleviating her pains and eliminating all pressure points.

Since its launch in 2009, Yogibo has expanded to over 120 retail stores globally.

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Yogibo Bean Bag Sofa

Modular, functional, and sensorial, the Yogibo beads sofa is touted to be a game-changing bean bag-like sofa combination. Instead of foam padding found in standard sofa furniture, Yogibo’s versions are filled with beads, allowing one to sink into its embrace while still enjoying ample back support.

The magic lies in its stretchy outer cover, which are made with patented technology using one-of-a-kind manufacturing process.

Prices range from $270 for a Yogibo Roll (bolster-like), to $530 for a Yogibo Luxe Max.

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Bean Bag Chair Yogibo

Unlike regular slouchy bean bags, the beads sofa are sturdy and can be positioned upright too. Lightly press your body against the sofa to create a perfect mold for a tight embrace.

Other creative ways of interacting with the sofa includes using it as a recliner, armchair, and even laying flat as a bed. With the wide selection of outer cover collection, homeowners can mix and match with 10 different sofa sizes and 35 colours.

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Yogibo Bean Bag Covers

Aside from being machine washable, the durable covers are also able to return to its original elasticity with proper care and maintenance, making the beads sofa safe and enjoyable for all ages including children.

The Yogibo bean bag covers are available for purchase from $110 to $200.

Yogibo is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-368/369, Suntec City West Wing.

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