Singapore's weather can be horribly difficult to predict, and sometimes you're left with a mountain of laundry simply because there's no possible way of knowing when you might be able to dry them. This common problem is faced by many in Singapore, so we've pulled together some tips and tricks from the internet that might help dry clothes quickly during wet weather:


Use a high spin
Before you start the drying process, make sure your freshly washed clothes aren’t dripping with water. You can do this by increase the speed of the washing machine’s speed. The faster your washing machine spins, the more water is removed from your clothes. Don’t worry about the increase in energy use, the amount is minimal and is nothing compared to the energy needed to run a dryer.
Squeeze dry
Lay your clothing on top of a larger, dry towel. Roll it up into a sausage and twist. This will help you squeeze out access water and speed up your drying process when you go hang it up.
Use a hairdryer
Get your clothes dry quicker with a hairdryer. Rotate constantly and keep it at a lower setting. Too hot and you might ruin your clothes. This is definitely not the best solution, but it's perfect for underwear or socks!
Invest in a portable drying rack
There are many versions of the drying rack, but just make sure they’re small enough to fit into the rooms of your home when fully extended. Also, be sure to pick a room with the least humidity to place your rack in.