Yellow walkway

Neon colours are intense. They are bright, they know how to call attention to themselves, they help change your mood for the better and tend to be able to jolt you out of a daze! If you’re not ready for a neon room, we suggest that you use neon colours in small doses! Here are some pieces of furniture and accessories that will help you get started:

Enoki Table

Give your living room an unexpected pop of colour with this Enoki table with a neon base.


Neon stools

Perk up your kitchen island or bar counter with these stools by Kristalia!


Neon armchair

Despite its traditional profile, the Raw chair by Muuto looks edgy and youthful thanks to its bright green colour!


vertex chair

The Faceted Vertex Chair is available in a myraid of colours! If you’re bold enough, go with a few colours!


Float sofa

The Float sofa by Karim Rashid for Sancal

The perfect way to balance out the brightness of neon shades? Pair it with a neutral!


Table with neon wheels

And if you’re still not keen on any neon furniture, would you consider the Spin Table?