Save the sheep counting and try these to help in getting you a more restorative night. 


#1 A quality mattress

More than just a piece of foam, a good mattress is essential for getting a good snooze. Whether you like your mattress firm or plush, the general rule of thumb is to choose one that can offer enough support for your back. Your sleeping position – on your back, side or stomach – also affects the type you should get, so be sure to check with the retailer (or read this guide). 

Photo: Woosa 
Try: The Woosa Mattress which has four specifically designed layers for maximum comfort – from a 100% pure, hypoallergenic, ultra high quality, made-in-Belgium latex foam to an 11cm high density foam base layer that limits motion transfer even when your partner tosses and turns in the middle of the night. This way, you can expect undisturbed sleep.

#2 A pillow spray

It’s no news that aromas can assist in slumber – studies have shown that aromas can induce production of certain hormones, including melatonin, the hormone that promotes restful sleep.

Try: This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. A restful night is just a spritz away with this pillow spray that has a calming infusion of lavender, vetivert and chamomile essential oils. $34 for 75ml, available at Sephora. 

#3 Black-out curtains or blinds

The absence of darkness, it turns out, can interfere with the quality of your sleep (and even cause weight gain), and this includes the lights streaming in from outside your bedroom window. 

Try: ALTEX™ Blackout Roller Blinds, which are easier to clean and maintain than curtains. Available at mc.2.  


#4 A candle or diffuser

Another way to introduce aromatherapy into your nightly routine – candles or diffusers. Of course, if you have small children or pets, or if lighting a candle every day is simply too much hassle for you, reed diffusers would be more ideal. 

Try: Soohyang Diffuser in Sleep Well, which has a soothing combination of lavender, rosemary and special herbs to keep destress and lull you into a state of slumber. It also promises to give you the sensation of waking up fresh after a long sleep. S$95 for 300ml, available at The Floral Atelier. 

#5 A weighted blanket

The concept behind weighted blankets (usually filled with small objects such as pellets and polypropylene plastic or glass beads) is that lying underneath constant and evenly distributed pressure (aka like a feeling of being hugged) increases the release of the hormone serotonin. This in turn helps with relaxation, and and evoking a sense of security and calmness.
In fact, it was originally a popular treatment for individuals diagnosed with ADHD, austism and anxiety. 
Try: The YnM Weighted Blanket, which gently hugs the body for a comforting . Each has small quilted pockets containing non-toxic “quiet glass beads” that are evenly dispersed.  It’s also one of the more budget-friendly options, with prices starting at US$64.90. 

#6 A wake-up light

The manner in which you wake up can affect the rest of your day. If the jarring ringing of your alarm leaves you feeling frazzled every morning, consider wake-up lights that mimic the rising sun to gently lift you from dreamland instead. 
Try: The Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, which gradually dims during your chosen sleep time, and simulates a gradual sunrise up in the morning, and has been clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed. It’s accompanied by three tranquil wake-up sounds. Get it on Amazon.

#7 An eye mask or pillow

Eye masks also help block out the light when it’s time to hit the hay. Consider one that can be heated (it acts as a muscle relaxer) or cooled to soothe tired eyes.


Try: The Wheat Eye Pillow in Plain Linen, which is filled with cotton and British wheat, and can be heated up or used as a cold pack. US$19.88, available from